My Family Came Down!!

Hello Everyone,

Hope you are all doing well. I apologize for not posting in such a long time. But…. obviously, you can see from my title, my family came down. We barely got our things from the states in July so there were a lot of things to do before family came down. So needless to say we have been very busy. Grandparents from both sides came down to visit. We had a good time. I am going to be sharing what we did while they were here with us on this post. Next week I will be sharing our trip to Puerto Vallarta, which is a beach  about five hours away. We all went for about 3 days. So my grandparents on my mom’s side were here for two weeks, and my grandmother on my dad’s side was here for two weeks and three days. We kick started our weeks off  with a family dinner with the owners and management of the company my dad works for, POK.IMG_1198This is the owner of the company and his wife. They are very sweet people.File Oct 14, 5 12 55 PMHere are both of my grandmothers at the restaurant.File Oct 14, 5 12 45 PM We took them all over Guadalajara. We went to the zoo and many other places.File Oct 14, 5 19 01 PMIMG_0110My grandpa had turned his ankle, so rather than him stay home, we rented a wheelchair. He is doing much better now.

We took them to the market which is definitely a cool place to go.IMG_0132 These are the buildings around the market. At the market, they sell anything from purses,IMG_0142 to pigs.IMG_0140IMG_0135IMG_0139 They have everything. They were all tired when they got home. The market is a three-story building with about a million (no exaggeration) little bitty stalls were they sell electronics, shoes, purses, kitchen gadgets, souvenirs etc. And the downstairs floor is nothing but food, vegetables, seafood, meat, and anything else you can imagine. Oh I forgot to add, they also sell rabbits, birds, puppies, and fish. I mean it literally has anything and everything.

We also took them with us to our normal places. We all went to Savannah’s orthodontist appointment and, of course, just like with everybody, my grandpa meets he becomes friends in about 10 seconds flat. 🙂IMG_0187 This is Savannah’s orthodontist.

We took them to the Cheesecake Factory, where everybody got about stuffed to capacity. So take the next few seconds and drool. 🙂 IMG_0190 IMG_0191  IMG_0192    IMG_0193   IMG_0194   IMG_0195    We had a lot of fun at that place. My grandmother was taking that first picture.

They also visited both the Spanish speaking church and the new English speaking church. Here is my Grandpa testifying at the Spanish church.  He has his cane up just like he is Moses parting the Red Sea 🙂 !!!IMG_0205 Due to his heart condition he cannot preach anymore but he can still testify. He can’t speak Spanish so my dad had to translate for him.

He also testified at the English church!File Oct 14, 5 14 58 PM

So overall we had a good time. Next week I will post about our trip to the beach.

Have a good week,

Victoria 🙂

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