Our Trip to the BEACH!!!!

Hello again, hope you all have had a happy weekend!

This weeks post is all about the beach. I know a lot of you heard about hurricane Patricia. Where we were a couple of weeks ago is where the hurricane hit. We don’t think that the place where we stayed got hit super hard but I’m sure it received some damage. The place where we stayed was called Mayan Resorts. It was beautiful.96[1] The resort is located in Puerto Vallarta. We had a wonderful time there. The lobby of our hotel was Egyptian untitledg - Copy untitledhinspired. They had statues of a fake burial tomb with mummies fifty feet high. When we checked in they gave us wristbands so we could eat at the restaurants, swim in the pools, go kayaking, and have access to the beach.20151015_220521_001Thanks to my fam. for taking this picture.(it took a slight bit of bribing) :). The grounds were absolutely beautiful. IMG_0214 IMG_0220 20151016_152600 20151016_152618 20151016_152651 20151016_152730 20151016_152813 20151016_153031



I had never been to the beach before so I had a lot of fun. Although it looks really cloudy and somewhat stormy, it was a beautiful day. We only got one opportunity to get in the water because we were only there for three days and we were trying to squeeze in as much as possible. So on Saturday we went deep sea fishing. We left at six o’clock in the morning, and didn’t get back until around five or so. We had a blast. We caught fifteen Tuna, two Barracudas and one Pargo.


IMG_0239   IMG_0244

IMG_0246  IMG_0252    20151017_112033   IMG_0256  IMG_0261  IMG_0264  IMG_0271  IMG_0279  IMG_0285  untitledju  (Excuse the hair) 🙂  We had a great time. And one last thing. Can I talk about the FOOD? Like seriously? It was amazing.20151016_212212  20151016_212229 20151016_212238  20151016_212249 They had an AMAZING chocolate bar, and those statues were made entirely out of chocolate.  And……. they also had some heavenly burgers.


I mean seriously?IMG_0289  20151017_215501 So all in all we had a really good time and I hope you enjoyed your mini “tour”.  🙂

I hope YOU have a really great week!

Victoria  🙂

2 thoughts on “Our Trip to the BEACH!!!!”

  1. Wow!! Your trip to Puerto Vallarta looks and sounds totally fantastic!!! So glad y’all enjoyed it before the hurricane hit!!!! That was one monstrous storm. Thanks for the fabulous tour. Can’t wait until I can visit that area. Love and hugs to all!!!


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