12 DIYS of Christmas { Christmas Decor Banner }

Hey Friends,

We are on the second day of the 12 days of Christmas!!!  I hope you are all having a great Tuesday ( I literally just had to check and make sure it was tues.)  😦  That’s what school and life will do to ya!!

For today I thought I would post a décor item. I made a “Merry Christmas” banner, hung it above my bed, and I love it!!   20151215_170338   I used the following items:  20151215_145407        colored paper, twine, mini clothespins, cardstock, and regular paper.20151215_145657        For tools I used scissors, ruler, hot glue gun, and extra hot glue.

I began by flipping my decorative paper over and measured so I would get even squares. They were 3 inches by 3 1/2 inches.  I did this until I had 14 squares.   20151215_150204       20151215_150834Next I cut them out and set them aside.

Now we get on to the time consuming part:)  I took my kindle and typed in on google “letter m stencil”. I repeated that for every letter. The light from the kindle shone thru the regular  paper so I was able to see the outline. I traced every letter then cut them out.  20151215_152504       20151215_152653         Afterward I traced them on cardstock and cut them out again.   20151215_154648     20151215_155439                   I did this until I was thru with merry and with Christmas. Next I used hot glue and attached the letters to the squares of paper.  20151215_164407 So when I finished with all 14 letters I got the twine and then started gluing. 20151215_165229       I glued every corner together. Every couple of letters I would put a clothespin.

After I strung all of the letters I hung it on my bed.   20151215_170338I love that it adds an instant Christmas spirit to your room!!!  20151215_170408     20151215_170430 I hope you try it out and if so let me know if you like it!! Anything y’all( I still use my Texas accent!) want to see in this series comment and let me know!!    🙂


Merry Christmas,

Victoria   🙂


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