12 DIYS of Christmas { Causal and Dressy #OOTD}


Hope you are all having an interesting week!! I certainly am!!! Yesterday we felt tremors from an earthquake north of Guadalajara, and today we just capped the middle of the week off with a taxi ride.( Which here, can scare you half to death  🙂 )

I thought today I would throw a little inspiration out there for y’all in the world of clothes!!!  I bought three dresses a couple of weeks back from H+M. The others will be posted soon. In these particular outfits I was wearing my black dress. It is VERY rare when you can find modest clothing, much less dresses. I took pictures of them laid out and of me wearing them. IMG_20151120_150458249_HDR            This is the dressy style!  I got the dress from H+M, the purse from Kohls, the scarf from Walmart, and I bought the shoes here. Everything else besides the shoes you can get in the states.    IMG_20151120_151552173_HDR                  This is the casual style. I got the shoes from nine west (westies) I got the vest from Target, and I got the scarf from Target as well. Denim instantly adds casualness to any outfit! I literally wear my vest out because of that reason 🙂

Here are the pictures of me wearing the outfits.  20151216_171306                                                                                                                     20151216_171749                                                        Huge props to my sister for taking these pictures:)  20151216_171629            I hope I brought some inspiration to you. I do most of my shopping when I visit the states so mostly everything I post in #OOTDs you will be able to get!!  I think the dressy one would be great to wear to a holiday party or banquet. the casual one can be worn to anything. I love the dress because with different pieces it is very versatile!   Have a good rest of the week!! I’ll see you all tomorrow.

Merry Christmas,

Victoria  🙂

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