12 DIYS of Christmas { Sweet and Salty Christmas Bark}

Hello my friends,

I hope you have been enjoying the posts so far!! Today I thought I would share a edible gift idea. I’ve seen for years the chocolate and peppermint bark floating around the internet and wanted to put my own twist on it!  I made up the recipe as I went and it turned out awesome!

Sweet and Salty Chocolate Bark

  • 1 1/2 bars of white chocolate
  • 1 tablespoon of Crisco
  • 1 1/2 cups of milk chocolate chips

For my toppings I used pretzels, white choc. shavings, red sprinkles.

I started by combining the white chocolate with the tablespoon of Crisco so it would melt easier. I broke up the white chocolate into small pieces for the same reason.  20151217_151429      I microwaved the choc. for 30 sec. intervals on power level 5 stirring after every 30 sec. until it was melted. White chocolate is very hard to work with so you have to be very carful to not burn it.20151217_152209 After I melted the choc. I poured it on a cookie sheet and leveled it out.20151217_152339 I stuck it in the fridge until it hardened completely.  While I was waiting I prepared my toppings.  I used a knife and a square of white choc. to make shavings.  20151217_153638  Next I got about a handful of pretzels and broke them into smaller pieces. I also used a little bit of sprinkles.  20151217_154023      After my white choc. was completely hard I started to melt the chocolate chips.  I melted them in the same way. After they were melted I poured it on top of the white choc. 20151217_155506       While the chocolate was still melted I put on my toppings. 20151217_155642      I let the choc. harden completely before I took it out.   20151217_162840             Next I took it and started breaking pieces off. You can either break them or cut it with a knife. 20151217_163442       I LOVED the taste of this. It’s sweet and salty at the same time. ( Please don’t tell me I’m the only one that likes that combination!! 🙂 )  20151217_163542           This would make a great gift for a neighbor, friend, family, or anyone.  20151217_163606         I hope you try this out!! It’s amazingly good.   I may or may not eat the whole thing  🙂  ( Just kidding! I would really have to hit the gym the next day! 🙂 )   If you try it, let me know if you like it!

Merry Christmas,

Victoria  🙂

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