12 DIYS of Christmas {Reindeer Hot Cocoa Mix}

Hello everyone,

Today I wanted to share a cute idea for all of you who might need a last minute gift. I found this and loved the look of it. Of course I liked it, so I had to share.

For the hot cocoa part I used : 20151222_221129                            Cocoa mix, chocolate chips, and marshmallows. If you wanted, you could also use peppermint candies.

I also used a mason jar and a funnel.  20151222_221237

I started by putting the cocoa mix in the jar first. 20151222_221410                       Once it was even, I added the chocolate chips and the marshmallows.  20151222_222508              Next I took some more supplies and made his face and collar.

I used : 20151222_224215               Bells, red pom-pom, scissors, thin red ribbon, thick red ribbon, eyes, hot glue gun, green pipe cleaners ( not pictured).

I started by randomly bending the pipe cleaners into antlers. I fixed them around until I liked how they looked. 20151222_225019                     Once I  had both antlers made, I glued them on the back of the jar.20151222_225414                   I then took a thick piece of ribbon and wrapped it around the neck of the jar to create a collar. 20151222_225930          After I had finished wrapping and folding the ribbon, I threaded the bells onto the thin red ribbon. I strung seven bells into a cluster. 20151222_231515                           I then glued that cluster to the center of the collar.  20151222_231832                    After that I  attached his eyes and nose. 20151222_231930                  I screwed on the lid, and DONE.  20151222_232904                      I think this turned out really cute. It was very easy to make, and I think it would be fun to change the colors on this as well. You could take a crazy approach on it and make it whatever color scheme you need! 20151222_233032                                           I hope you all give this a try! See you guys tomorrow!

Merry Christmas,

Victoria  🙂


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