12 DIYS of Christmas { Glitter Door Décor}

Hello Everyone,

Two days till Christmas!!!!! I can’t believe how fast the month of December went. I hope all of you are having a great time with family and friends!

Today I wanted to upload another décor item. As Christmas draws closer we are all preparing for guests and family to come over. This cute piece of décor can take the place of a wreath. It’s way less time consuming and a little bit on the geometric side. 🙂

The materials I used were : 20151223_153946                 Glitter, Thick ribbon,( you can use plain or organza. I later chose to use wired organza) glue, tape, one tile of cork board, and my initial.

I began by turning my cork onto its side so it looked like a diamond. 20151223_154041              I taped long vertical lines all the way down. 20151223_154521               I put a thick layer of glue down on half of it. I didn’t want the glue to dry before I could put the glitter on, so that’s why I did half at a time.  20151223_154722                  Once I had it covered in glue, I dumped glitter on the top of it. 20151223_154819             Be prepared to glitterfy your work surface. 🙂  I tapped all the excess glitter off into a paper plate. 20151223_154923              I repeated this on the rest of the cork. Once it had dried for two or three minutes, I took the tape off. 20151223_155916                        I set it aside to completely dry.

While that was drying, I traced my initial on red paper and cut it out.

Next I made the bow that goes on top.

I took the red ribbon, made a loop with one end and twisted them together. 20151223_163616         I repeated this step on the other side to create a bow. 20151223_163658     I wrapped the end of the piece of ribbon around the middle, twice.  I then secured it with hot glue. I did the same thing and made a smaller one. After that bow was completed, I glued the smaller one on top of the larger one. 20151223_164114             I then added tails to the bow. I cut two tails the exact same length, and glued them on the back. 20151223_164600                  Next I took a piece of ribbon and made a loop. I glued it to the back of the cork so it could be hung. 20151223_16492320151223_165219              I then glued the bow on, and my initial.   20151223_165331                  20151223_173638                                                                                      This took me about an hour to do. It was very easy and simple. Once again, you can mess around with the color scheme in order to match your existing decorations. If you have any questions or ideas, leave them in the comments and I will definitely check them out. 🙂

Merry Christmas,

Victoria  🙂

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