Clothes { What’s in my Handbag }

Hello Lovely People!!

2016 is here!!!!!  I hope you are all enjoying your first day back to work, school, and regular life.

For today, I wanted to do the What’s in my bag tag. I’ve seen this floating around and wanted to do it. I will be uploading (towards the end of January) a what’s in my Carry On Bag version.  So here we go!

To begin with, my bag is from Khols. I got it last February and it’s still available online. It’s the Apt.9 brand. I love this bag.  It has stood up great this whole year.   20160104_141138

It has two slip pockets, and one zippered pocket.  20160104_141413               I like an organized purse. To have everything rolling around and messy just isn’t me 🙂    20160104_141332           So in my purse I keep my wallet, pepper spray, and a pouch.  20160104_141506              Inside the pouch,20160104_141619        I keep : 20160104_141721        MY inhaler (I have asthma), chap stick, tide pen, ( by the way, that thing is awesome) , hairspray, ( if you have long hair like me you know what I be talkin about), lotion, and finally Kleenexes. If your wandering what the little black zippered thing is, that is my mini Doterra kit. It holds eight little vials of essential oil. I use this for headaches, stomachaches, my asthma, bug repellent, allergies and a lot more. You can buy one of these at www.  I keep this pouch in my purse at all times. Every time I’m out I use one of those things, if not more than one, a million times.

In my wallet I keep the usual: 20160104_142002                 Gift cards, Nail salon business card, money, and a reminder to enjoy the little things in life.

I also keep a mace pepper spray with me everywhere I go. It’s not like it’s super dangerous over here or anything, 🙂  but my dad wanted us to have one just in case.  Thanks dad!!

I thought it would be funny to mention the remnants that were in my purse from Christmas shopping.  20160104_142155               I mean really! perfume samples, gift lists, and receipts.  Somehow, someway, no matter how hard I try, junk just finds it’s way in there. Please tell me I’m not the only one with this problem 🙂


So I hope you have a great day and week. If you have any suggestions or ideas, leave a comment!!

Victoria 🙂



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