Food (White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Cake)

Hello my friends!!

How is it that we are already in February? I hope you  all have a special Valentines Day, and I love you all!

So it’s no secret that my mom has the best cakes! THEY ARE THE BOMB. Since I haven’t done a food item in a while, I decided to do a cake. I learn from the best  🙂

What makes this one awesome is the icing. It’s raspberry buttercream! I know you want to take a bite out of your screen, but never fear! I’ll share the recipe 🙂

So I used 1 vanilla cake mix, and a 6-inch round cake pan.

20160212_131357   Once I got the cake mix whipped in ready, I poured it into the pan. One cake mix made two and half layers of cake. So I would pour it, bake it, and repeat. I did this three times(the last time it only filled up the pan halfway).20160212_133655

While the cakes were baking, I made the buttercream. I used 4 cups of powdered sugar, 1 cup of Crisco shortening, 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract, and 12 teaspoons of water.  20160212_134111    So you want to start by combining the powdered sugar, shortening, and vanilla, until it’s semi-combined. Next, add your water until it reaches the consistency you like. 20160212_135033   Next, I took 6 oz. of raspberries, and crushed them with a fork. 20160212_135413  20160212_135523 Add it to your buttercream, 20160212_135549  and TA-DA!!  20160212_135707  Gorgeous, tangy, buttercream.

Once my cakes had completely cooled, I started to stack them. 20160212_153303  I placed a dollop of buttercream on the cake plate to prevent it from moving around. I then just figured out what order I was going to place them in, and begun stacking. 20160212_153410 I placed a thin layer of icing in between the layers as I went along. 20160212_153710  Once you get them stacked, they will be crumbly and uneven. Don’t worry about that, because we will take care of it as we ice the cake. I placed a thin crumb coat of icing first. All my caker’s  know what I’m talkin about 🙂  It’s basically where you put a realllly thin layer of icing, and it keeps the crumbs from spreading around while you ice it. So you want to place a crumb coat, and chill it in the fridge, for about 30mins. 20160212_154640  Next you can proceed, and ice it fully. Once that step was accomplished, I moved on to decorating. I used raspberries, and white chocolate coconut Ferrero Rochers. 20160212_142445   I placed a border of raspberries around the bottom. 20160212_160706  Next, I put a mound of icing, and stacked the candy and raspberries on the top. 20160212_161645

I think this came out wonderful, and would be a great dessert to make on Valentines Day! 20160212_161650


Let me know if you liked this and we will do more! Also, I’m coming to the states this week, so let me know if you want to see a travel vlog ( Cause you know we get pretty crazy)  🙂

Leave me some comments about that, and I will see you guys later!!

Happy Valentines Day,

Victoria  🙂

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