My Daily Life (20 Things I Love About Living in Mexico)part one

Hello Everyone!!

I have been extremely busy over the past few weeks due to traveling and my crazy life  🙂  I am finally getting to do this post. This upload is  uniquely special, and close to my heart. I love being able to live in another country. And to be able to fit it into words is a little hard, but I’m going to try.  🙂   So…… here are (in no particular order) 10 things I love about living in Mexico.

Number 1   WEATHER

This may seem a boring topic to start with, but not for me!! The weather here is AMAZING !!!  This whole season, it has been about 60 during the day and 40 at night. Coming from a girl who was born and raised in Texas, this is a HUGE improvement!!thOARKU1C7Number 2 SUMMER

Now don’t even get me started on this! I LOVE summer here. Back where I used to live the temperature got all the way up to 110 degrees. I used to hate summer because it was so miserably hot, but here it only gets up to a pleasant 95 (including the breeze).  Also we have a pool which makes summer days a ton of fun. Our normal summer day consists of swimming, pizza, basketball, and hilarious poolside conversations.  IMG_3357

Number 3  FOOD

Um….. I think I’ve covered this one pretty well  🙂  The dishes here are pretty unique.  Some of my favorites include :  th[5]Chilaquiles, Tacos Dorados, and Flautas.





Number 4 CULTURE

There’s nothing I enjoy more than to sit and talk with the older people of Mexico and hear the stories and culture they have experienced throughout their lives. Most people think that Mexico in a whole has one culture. True it does, but also every city has their own unique story. The people are very humble and gracious. It’s not weird to see a mom and daughter holding hands walking down the street, or in a mall laughing together. The people of Mexico have a distinct culture that make them different from the rest of the world. Every day when I walk out of my door, I am surrounded by culture. I want to learn everything about this wonderful country.


Now don’t get me wrong, I loved and still love my neighbors back in Texas.  I miss them and their friendliness everyday! When we arrived, we instantly were surrounded by loving families all around us. We invite them over to eat, we go to their house for coffee and dessert, and we just have a great time.

Number 6  FAMILY

Nothing is as important to the people of Mexico than family. They have this bond like I’ve never seen anywhere else. If a member of the family is old and needs help they are on top of it. They bring them food, visit with them, and invest what little time is left into helping them. The family all works to make ends meet and to help support each other.


Number 7 MARKETS

One thing our family loves to do is to go on a Saturday and canvass the markets to get fresh fruits, vegetables, and other goodies. Also we rather like to sit on the side of the road and eat some lunch that was cooked right in front of us. That kind of food is the best you’ll find all over Mexico.


Another thing that I love, are the little villages. They have one main store, many taco shacks, a main catholic cathedral, and many, many horses. They are very quaint and so small that everybody knows everybody. thE1L4WJ2J


I had to include this in my favorites because it is definitely one of them. Courtyards are a necessity because of the Mexican style. Almost every house or building has one. They are beautiful and filled with plants and flowers of every kind. thWTIN1N4P Number 10  MOUNTAINS

I absolutely love our mountains. They are everywhere and are gorgeous. In Texas the ground is flat, and the most you get are rolling hills. But here ????  This is what I see every day. thBOMN1ZSI

So I hope I gave you a little taste of what Mexico is like. I love living here and hope I live here for many years. I will be posting part two next week, and hope to see  you soon! Give this a like if you want to see more about Mexico and I will deliver 🙂

Victoria  🙂




One thought on “My Daily Life (20 Things I Love About Living in Mexico)part one”

  1. You shared your heart very well my sweet Victoria! So proud to call you “MY GRANDDAUGHTER”. Of course I love my sweet Savannah as well! Love from Grammy


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