My Daily Life (20 Things I Love About Living in Mexico)Part Two

Hello, Hello!!

I apologize for not getting this up sooner, but the nine week exam monster has struck me and I’ve been studying like crazy 🙂   I hope that y’all are having a great spring break!!  But let me stop chatting and start writing!!

So starting with number 11 ……


One of the many things I love here is the restaurants. When I go to the states, I can be there about three days, and I already want my Mexican food and restaurants. There is one particular restaurant called Karne Garibaldi. They are know for the fastest service in the world. They will take your order and bring the food in about 60 seconds. My family and I LOVE it!!  th[6]



I love my neighborhood! We’ve made a lot of friends, and the people are really sweet. One thing I find quite amusing, is that I can open my window in the morning and smell potatoes cooking 🙂  We have a beautiful club, and a gorgeous view of a mountain right at the end of our street. The Neighborhood is gated with guards, which makes us feel very safe. My sister and I can walk around the neighborhood by ourselves and not feel worried at all. IMG_20141210_095200925


#13 RAIN

Although I can’t take a picture of it, it is so pretty. When it rains here it doesn’t become humid or sticky. It’s cool and it always smells fresh and clean afterwards. Such an improvement from Texas 🙂



Although we don’t get to go that often we LOVE fishing! We live about three hours from the coast, and it’s beautiful. Once you get out about eighty miles, the water is bright blue. If you go near the coast, it’s so clear that you can see the fish swimming eight feet down.img_0239[1]


Okay…… I guess I could’ve included this in the food category but seriously?? If you don’t know what limonada is, it’s lemonade. BUT… here they put a little twist to it. You can order it with mineral water in it. It’s basically carbonated lemonade. Except it’s AMAZING!! I have never seen it in the states, so if you want it your going to have to come visit me 🙂  images[3]


This may seem weird, but the most streets here are cobblestone. I love the look it gives the city. It’s mostly in the little quaint parts of town, and in neighborhoods. Our streets in our subdivision are cobblestone as well. But if you don’t like being jolted half to death, you may not like it 🙂   20160226_173005



Here in Mexico, people love their plants. Flowers, ivy, everything to do with plants and trees they love. Therefore, I see a TON of plants and flowers everyday. They are gorgeous and people take really good care of them. These pictures were taken in my neighborhood.



One thing I love is going to birthday parties. Especially for the little kids. Here in Mexico they do things a little different. They actually have a song that they sing while they do the piñatas! One person can hit the piñata while the other people are singing the little jingle. When they stop singing it’s time for the next person. I find it funny, because there are a ton of parties going on in our neighborhood at all times. You can sit in my living room and hear that little song over and over again!  🙂


For me this topic is very important. When I moved here a year and three months ago, I was in culture shock. It wasn’t until I had lived here for about eight months until I started making friends and learning about the people. They are the most humble people you will ever meet. I know I mentioned this in part one, but they care about their families, and each other. When we started going to the store and around town by ourselves,  we were shocked at how many people spoke English. They were always helpful and willing to translate for us. They are sweet and kind until they get into their cars and start driving 🙂


Okay, I think I’m going to end this on the right track 🙂  Here in Guadalajara they have a shoe mall. Yes you are reading this correctly! A mall full of nothing but SHOES!! Since I’m the world’s biggest shoeaholic, you can imagine why I love it!  🙂  IMG_20141017_145157733


So I hope you enjoyed this mini series about some of the things I love about Mexico! I am going to be uploading a vlog pretty soon so be on the lookout for that! I’ll see you guys in a few days!

Victoria  🙂

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