March Favorites

Hello, hello!

The vlog is on it’s way, but first let’s discuss March! Time has this weird way of flying by. Spring is here, and along with that comes my March favorites. So let us begin!!



20160406_132628   I am loving chocolate!! I have just a small piece every couple of days, and I love it. The orange kind has pieces of orange throughout the chocolate. It is HEAVENLY!!!









I am loving these products. The pink bottle is Bed Head by TIGI, After Party. It’s a smoothing cream you apply to the hair after it’s been curled, or before you braid it. It keeps the frizz down MAJORLY. It adds shine but it doesn’t feel greasy.  The next product is a Charcoal & Black Sugar Polishing face mask made by Freeman. It is amazing!! It helps exfoliate and moisturize your face. When I first used it, I noticed a huge difference!  Both of these products I purchased in the states. I got the cream at Ulta and the face mask at Wal-Mart.




Next up are these super adorable shirts! I LOVE these. The first coral pink top is beautiful. It is a tank top with lace detailing on the back. I love this for the spring and summer! It is awesome. I purchased this here in Mexico.2016-03-31 14.31.33  The second shirt is also one of my best friends!  🙂   I love this shirt because it is super thin and cool for the summer months, also that floral pattern is AMAZING!!!! I bought this shirt at  Jade Mackcenzie.



20160406_134109  I just have one favorite this month but it’s lovely! I used some of my Christmas money to pick this little thing up, and I LOVE it!! It’s perfect for the spring and summer months, and I think it’s beautiful!



As most of you know, I just got glasses. Thank Goodness I can see 🙂   I went to the states a couple of months back and knew I would be getting them shortly. I saw this glasses case and could not resist it. It is adorable! Eat. Sleep. Shop. REPEAT  🙂 I purchased it at Stein Mart.    I am also a huge fan of planners! I love to jot down everything I have to do that day so I can see it. I bought this particular one at Target. I get so much more done when I have everything written down. I love this one!




If you thought that shoes weren’t going to show up today, your mistaken 🙂   I’ll start with my mint green Sketchers. This shoe is one of my absolute best buddies. I work out in them, I play tennis in them, I do everything with them. They have memory foam in the bottom and it literally feels like your walking on clouds. As you can see they are well loved 🙂   I acquired these shoes a couple of months back and I love them! I have wanted a pair of Converse for quite awhile. I love the color and they go with anything. Just don’t wear them the first time in the airport while your running to meet a flight. They hurt. 🙂

Well I hope you enjoyed seeing my favorites this month, and I will see you next with the vlog! Be prepared 🙂

Victoria 🙂

One thought on “March Favorites”

  1. You are doing great with your blog! I love reading how you feel and what you are doing! You ,are my day! Grammy!😍😍😍😍😍


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