Clothes {2 Outfit Ideas}

Hello Friends!!!

I have been gone for so long! I have been EXTREMELY busy, and school is about to kill me 🙂   I am currently working on a couple of projects for y’all so stay tuned!

Since my last post I have now taken up teaching Sunday school! I absolutely love it, and I love to see kids learn about God! It has definitely been a challenge, but I LOVE it!! I said all of that to say this. Along with teaching, comes a lot of moving 🙂  I have put together one of my favorite outfits for teaching, along with one that is perfect for church!!

#1    2016-06-26_16.52.03    TOP: Stein Mart  SKIRT: Costco (Of all places) SHOES: (I don’t remember) WATCH:  Khols PURSE: Khols

I love this outfit for more reasons than one! It’s very comfortable, it’s cool, and very summery(If that’s a word).  🙂


#2 2016-06-26_16.54.26 TOP: Stein Mart (I love that store) SKIRT: surprise, surprise, Stein Mart  SHOES: Galeria Del  Calzado  PURSE: Khols

This outfit is one of my absolute favorites!! It combines all the elements of an outfit that I love! I wear this outfit a ton. #peopleareprobablytiredofmewearingit    🙂    The shoes are from our mall we have here in Guadalajara, that sell nothing but shoes!

I hope this gave you a little inspiration, and ideas for outfits!! I will see you soon, and in the meantime don’t die from school (If you’re in school), because it is sure killing me  🙂


Victoria  🙂


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