What’s In Mexico #2 (Jocotepec and Chapala)

Hello Lovelies!!

Today I am bringing you another “What’s In Mexico”!! I am super excited to share this one! We went with some of our really good friends for an all day (and night) excursion to Chapala and Jococtepec. We definitely had a ton of fun!

We started the morning with an hour long drive to Jocotepec. If you ask me what we did for an hour in a 15 passenger van with 8 people, I will say two words. Selfies and Snapchat.  🙂

Jocotepec is a very beautiful place! It is so calm and peaceful. On this particular day it was raining! 20160627_124739We did not even care 🙂  And yes we were singing (of course), “Let it rain, Let it rain, Open the flood gates of heaven, And let it rain”.    🙂   Why wouldn’t we?


These chairs (and yes, they are chairs) are right in the middle of Jocotepec. They are shaped like a bunch of fish! As I said it was raining, so we really couldn’t walk up to the chairs without having to swim!!  🙂


This particular statue caught my eye about 2 miles away! Hello! The thing’s gigantic!  How could it not  🙂

Here is another one!

There is a beautiful pier, that looks out on the lake! It was gorgeous.

We also had a photographer with us! He got some AWESOME pictures!! Tomo fotos increibles!!  Special thanks to Angel Raul Reyes Martinez!  Un agradecimiento especial a Angel Raul Reyes Martinez!






On to Chapala!! On our way to Chapala, we passed a wall that was covered completely with a mural!  20160627_135954

When we got to Chapala it was about 2:00, so we had to eat!! Of course  🙂   So seafood it was!  20160627_142935Thanks to Elizabeth Montano for taking this picture 🙂  Gracias a Elizabeth Montano para tomar esta foto!

Chapala is a beautiful city!!  20160627_154402

There is also a boardwalk that goes out onto the lake. BEAUTIFUL!! 20160627_155456  You can also rent boats to ride around Lake Chapala!


And while at Chapala we of course had to take another selfie!!  FB_IMG_1467734614051

20160627_161500                                                                          CHAPALA!!!!!

Un gran agradecimiento a Karen y Emmanuel para nuestros regalos !! A big thank you to Karen and Emmanuel for our gifts!




We finished the day off with French fries and a milkshake at 10:00 at night!!!

Savannah and I had a wonderful time out with our friends, and I hope you guys had fun seeing my recap!! I love to be with my friends!! Me encanta estar con mis amigos!!

I have exciting news coming soon so stay tuned!! Please subscribe, comment and like this post! You can do so at the bottom of the post! Let’s get to a hundred subscribers!!!!! I will see you guys next week!

Victoria  🙂

4 thoughts on “What’s In Mexico #2 (Jocotepec and Chapala)”

  1. Well, I really enjoyed reading and seeing the pictures. I think we went to that lake one day when we were there. Love the pictures of you girls, Great as always.

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