What’s in Mexico (Downtown Guadalajara)



Hello Lovelies!!

Today I am bringing you another “What’s in Mexico”. This weeks post is for those of you (like me), who enjoy architecture and buildings. I took all of these pictures on a recent trip downtown. I enjoy walkng around the centro and to see Guadalajara at it’s finest!

Before I jump into showing you guys the pictures, I wanted to say a HUGE thank you to all the new subscribers!! I appreciate your love and support! If you have not yet subscribed, please do so! The more subscribers I get, the more I will have a chance to partner with companies and brands!! I also am in the process of creating a team of people so that I can bring you guys better quality photos, and video!!! Now lets go!!!

The first picture I want to share is one of a statue. Guadalajara has some beautiful ones! DSCN0485


These next two have been in Guadalajara for a good while. DSCN0489DSCN0491

On to buildings! This building caught my eye, and I wanted to take a picture of it! And if you thought Guadalajara didn’t have a lot of people, think again:) DSCN0488

Next is a statue that is truly beautiful! I took the picture right as the sun was going down, and it came out beautiful! DSCN0493

This next building is a federal one. The person who built it did an amazing job. It is beautiful!! DSCN0496

The building in this picture is a beautiful, old theater! The detail on it is incredible!! Also note the huge fountain 🙂 I seriously think Guadalajara has like 50 or so fountains 🙂 DSCN0498

These next two pictures are of the cathedral. Majority of Guadalajara’s (and Mexico’s for that matter) population is catholic. DSCN0499DSCN0500

The detail inside the cathedral is unreal!

Another gazebo-like monument is placed right downtown. It is surrounded by statues of people who have been important to Mexico’s history. DSCN0514DSCN0515 I had to include this picture of this bus! If you will notice the word “Tapatio” it is the word that you use to call people who live in Guadalajara! It is like saying “I am a TEXAN”.  DSCN0517

And contrary to how the traffic is, Yes. WE HAVE STOPLIGHTS. Although I don’t know if the drivers even pay attention to them 🙂 DSCN0519

Next up is the palace of justice. I love the detail on this building as well! DSCN0527

I wanted to add this picture because I felt like it captured the pace of downtown Guadalajara! Taxi and all 🙂 DSCN0524

This next picture will explain what I said earlier about the fountains 🙂 This monument is very pretty! DSCN0534 These next few photos are just a couple of random pictures that are beautiful!

I hope you all enjoyed this weeks “What’s in Mexico”! I will have a HUGE announcement coming next week!! Stay tuned! Do not forget to subscribe, like and leave me a comment. PLEASE!!!

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  1. As usual, you have done a great job letting us know about where you live. Very good pictures! You ask that we ” like” as well as comment, where do you like it? Love you


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