Where Have I Been + Life Update

Hey guys!!

I have missed you all so much! For the past 4 months, my life has been filled with cardboard boxes, late nights, and fast food. Yes……. WE HAVE MOVED!!! My family and I have lived and served for 2 years in Guadalajara Mexico. While living in Mexico, my family experienced some of the best things in life. We learned to appreciate the little things in life, and to not take things for granted. We made lifelong friends, experienced a different culture, and learned a new language! I have enjoyed blogging about Mexico, and sharing my experiences. But now it is time for a whole new chapter of our lives. Sometimes God directs our paths in different ways. We are patiently waiting for God to open doors for our family. Until then we will be evangelizing around the U.S.A. Be ready for a LOT of vlogs. Because I do not have a set location to film in, I will be doing a lot of travel vlogs. I am still going to do outfits, hairstyles, travel hacks, fitness, and my journey around the U.S. of A.

Merry Christmas!!



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