My Health and Fitness Journey + My Favorite Tips and Tricks

Hello guys!

Today I’m sharing something I am VERY passionate about! Fitness!! Don’t roll your eyes until you watch the video! 😉 I’m sure you will like it!

Yes……..I’m the one in the middle! That’s me!! FYI……The before pic was taken in December of 2014 not 2015!

Enjoy the video!

Here’s a list of some of my favorite songs to jam to, while I’m working out!

  • Good Day by Natalie Grant
  • Perfect People by The Walls Group
  • You Could Be the Difference by Brian Free and Assurance
  • Bulletproof by Citizen Way
  • Good Morning by Mandisa
  • That’s How You Change the World by The Newsboys

Those are just some of my favorites! Thanks for coming by the blog! See you next week!

Victoria  ❤


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