Perspective {Finding the Rainbow in the Rain}

Hey Friends!

I decided to do something a little different than I usually do! I want to talk a little bit about what I’ve been thinking about!


It’s a tough topic….. if you make it one. If you live in Texas, then you know that we haven’t seen the sun in weeks…. like WEEKS!! Although it has driven me nuts, it has taught me something! Most of the time when it rains for dayzzzz, we all go crazy! AM I RIGHT OR AM I RIGHT?   BUT….. What if we could take that rainy day, and find all the good and special things that it brings? Like light every candle in the house, (well don’t start a fire), open your windows and listen to it rain, read your favorite book, and TAKE A NAP!! YAAASSS!

But on a more serious note.. Let’s take that same idea and apply it to our everyday circumstances! Our first instinct when something happens is to FREAK OUT! CAN I GET A WITNESS? Just me…. okay…. that’s cool….no biggie! However, what if we could take the circumstances that comes at us and find the good in EVERYTHING! But, it’s hard sometimes. There are situations where you think that nothing good, can or will come out of it. Where it seems that every corner you turn, you’re met with a brick wall. Maybe, just maybe you need to put the right glasses on! Now, am I downplaying your situation? NO. Am I saying that everything bad that happens has good? NO. But…. sometimes the bad is meant to teach us the good! God has been working on me about this!  I am the first one to panic when things aren’t going like they are supposed to. Over the past month,  I have learned to look at a situation and laugh! YES! LAUGH!!! It may be hard, it may be tough, but do it!

A couple of days ago, I was having a difficult day. And what do you know… God put a lady in my path at the drugstore, that brought such happiness in my day! After meeting her, I got back in the car and just laughed! She was absolutely hilarious and such a pleasure to meet! God knew I needed that!

So there was a peek into my head! (That sounded creepy)  Let me know if  you if guys enjoyed this, and I will share more! I think the more that we encourage each other, the more that we will grow!

I love you guys and hope this encouraged you! See you next week!

Tori ❤