Hello lovelies……

How have y’all been? I hope that 2017 has brought love, happiness, change, and joy to your life! I know I haven’t posted in 7 months, and trust me I have missed you guys!

So allow me to explain (go get some popcorn)….

Since I wrote last, a LOT has happened! We traveled for about two months evangelizing. We covered Texas, Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Virginia! Since we were in a new location every couple of days it made it extremely difficult to post. After we evangelized we spent another two months in Kirbyville, Tx !(SHOUT OUT TO MY KIRBYVILLE SQUAD) We prayed, and fasted asking God where He wanted us! After days of waiting, we felt like we had an answer! And after visiting the location we decided that it was the right decision! So………. on the 5th of May,  SAN MARCOS TX became our new home!! It’s funny how God has a sense of humor. Three years prior to this we lived in Kyle, Tx , which is about 15 minutes away! Although I was very happy to have a home again, starting over wasn’t easy! We have lived in San Marcos for 3 months, and it took us a solid month to get everything settled! #Ihatemoving 🙂 God always has a purpose for making us walk certain paths. Sometimes the paths intertwine and we get to take a look back at our previous experiences and see them in a different light! That’s what happened to us. Our old home is exactly 22 minutes from where I sit! Although it does feel weird to pass it, God has called us to a new town to minister to the people here. Our family is starting a church here in San Marcos! I believe that if God sends you somewhere he will equip you! My whole family can speak Spanish, and I now see where our two years in Mexico fit into his plan!

If you like floating rivers, eating outside, and college kids…… then you NEED to come visit us! 😉      0816172039c

I will be posting regularly again!! And I hope you subscribe cause you’re going to want to know what’s happening!!

Victoria!! ❤

#OOTD Fur and Boots Winter Outfit Inspiration

Hello Lovelies!!

So we are still in “winter”, although Texas doesn’t want to admit it! But for those of you who are still enjoying the cold months of the year, here is some outfit inspo featuring my BEAUTIFUL cousin Krystal Chavez!!


SHIRT: Express     SKIRT: TJ Maxx        SCARF: Charming Charlies    SHOES: Amazon


I love how she paired the dressy top with a casual skirt! That is one HUGE tip that we use all the time! You can dress down, or dress up an outfit in seconds using that trick. Also don’t you just love those boots, and that scarf?? One of my favorite things in these pictures is her hairstyle. I mean….. GORGEOUS!!! Who wants a hair tutorial, cause I do!!

Thanks to my gorgeous cuz for modeling!!

Be prepared for another sneak peak of my crazy life next week! Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog, and leave me a comment telling me anything you would like to see!!

– Victoria  🙂

Nashville, Tennessee Travel Vlog

Hello everyone!!

I am back!! I haven’t been able to post, due to all our traveling. We are on the tail end of our trips, so I am now getting some more time to post. But don’t worry. I have a lot of stuff I have been recording, so get ready for it!!

Follow my family and I around Nashville, Tennessee, as we hike, tour a plantation, and visit the Grand Old Opry Hotel!


-Victoria (heart)_scaled_45


Where Have I Been + Life Update

Hey guys!!

I have missed you all so much! For the past 4 months, my life has been filled with cardboard boxes, late nights, and fast food. Yes……. WE HAVE MOVED!!! My family and I have lived and served for 2 years in Guadalajara Mexico. While living in Mexico, my family experienced some of the best things in life. We learned to appreciate the little things in life, and to not take things for granted. We made lifelong friends, experienced a different culture, and learned a new language! I have enjoyed blogging about Mexico, and sharing my experiences. But now it is time for a whole new chapter of our lives. Sometimes God directs our paths in different ways. We are patiently waiting for God to open doors for our family. Until then we will be evangelizing around the U.S.A. Be ready for a LOT of vlogs. Because I do not have a set location to film in, I will be doing a lot of travel vlogs. I am still going to do outfits, hairstyles, travel hacks, fitness, and my journey around the U.S. of A.

Merry Christmas!!



Huge Announcement!!

Hello Lovelies!!

I did it! I have a Youtube Channel!! I have been working on this for a couple of days, and it is finally done!!! PLEASE go and subscribe to my channel! I will now be posting on both my blog and my channel. All the content on my channel may not be on my blog, so be sure to subscribe to both!!

The name of the channel is……….. L.O.L , which stands for LIVE OUT LOUD!!! Let me know if you like the name, and in a couple of weeks I am thinking about changing the name of the blog. But for know, the name of the blog will stay the same.

Please go and check out my first video!! Here is the link to my channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ISfl12A_obw

Go over and show me some support, and I will see you guys shortly 🙂


What’s in Mexico (Downtown Guadalajara)



Hello Lovelies!!

Today I am bringing you another “What’s in Mexico”. This weeks post is for those of you (like me), who enjoy architecture and buildings. I took all of these pictures on a recent trip downtown. I enjoy walkng around the centro and to see Guadalajara at it’s finest!

Before I jump into showing you guys the pictures, I wanted to say a HUGE thank you to all the new subscribers!! I appreciate your love and support! If you have not yet subscribed, please do so! The more subscribers I get, the more I will have a chance to partner with companies and brands!! I also am in the process of creating a team of people so that I can bring you guys better quality photos, and video!!! Now lets go!!!

The first picture I want to share is one of a statue. Guadalajara has some beautiful ones! DSCN0485


These next two have been in Guadalajara for a good while. DSCN0489DSCN0491

On to buildings! This building caught my eye, and I wanted to take a picture of it! And if you thought Guadalajara didn’t have a lot of people, think again:) DSCN0488

Next is a statue that is truly beautiful! I took the picture right as the sun was going down, and it came out beautiful! DSCN0493

This next building is a federal one. The person who built it did an amazing job. It is beautiful!! DSCN0496

The building in this picture is a beautiful, old theater! The detail on it is incredible!! Also note the huge fountain 🙂 I seriously think Guadalajara has like 50 or so fountains 🙂 DSCN0498

These next two pictures are of the cathedral. Majority of Guadalajara’s (and Mexico’s for that matter) population is catholic. DSCN0499DSCN0500

The detail inside the cathedral is unreal!

Another gazebo-like monument is placed right downtown. It is surrounded by statues of people who have been important to Mexico’s history. DSCN0514DSCN0515 I had to include this picture of this bus! If you will notice the word “Tapatio” it is the word that you use to call people who live in Guadalajara! It is like saying “I am a TEXAN”.  DSCN0517

And contrary to how the traffic is, Yes. WE HAVE STOPLIGHTS. Although I don’t know if the drivers even pay attention to them 🙂 DSCN0519

Next up is the palace of justice. I love the detail on this building as well! DSCN0527

I wanted to add this picture because I felt like it captured the pace of downtown Guadalajara! Taxi and all 🙂 DSCN0524

This next picture will explain what I said earlier about the fountains 🙂 This monument is very pretty! DSCN0534 These next few photos are just a couple of random pictures that are beautiful!

I hope you all enjoyed this weeks “What’s in Mexico”! I will have a HUGE announcement coming next week!! Stay tuned! Do not forget to subscribe, like and leave me a comment. PLEASE!!!

Victoria (heart)_scaled_45

A Day in my Life (Un Dia en mi Vida)


How are you guys doing? I thought today I would share a day in my life!! It is finally summer for my sister and I and we are out and about a lot. I love to spend a day filled with sweet friends, laughter, and (of course), COFFEE!!


¿Cómo están chicos? Pensé que hoy me gustaría compartir un día en mi vida !! Por último, es de verano para mi hermana y yo y estamos fuera de casa mucho. Me encanta pasar un día lleno de dulces amigos , risas , y (por supuesto ) , el café !!

We started the day out with amazing food and endless laughter due to Snapchat 🙂 Our food was amazing and I think I may have eaten too much:) Have I mentioned that the food was AWESOME!!

Empezamos el día con una comida increíble y risas sin fin debido a Snapchat 🙂 La comida era increíble y creo que pude haber comido demasiado 🙂 ¿He mencionado que la comida era increíble !!


We were with some amazing friends that are some of the sweetest people I have ever met!

Nos quedamos con unos amigos increíbles que son algunas de las personas más dulces que he conocido !

Almost everyone got chilaquiles! That is definitely a big favorite of everyone 🙂

Toda la gente come chilaquiles ! Esto es sin duda es el favorito de todo el mundo 🙂

And…… did I mention we got coffee!!!

Y …… ¿le he dicho que nos dieron café !!!


After we ate a LOT of food, we went to Plaza Andares!

Después de comer un montón de comida , fuimos a Plaza Andares !


!I hope you all enjoyed a day with me and my friends!! I want to know if you liked having it in Spanish! Please subscribe if you want to see more posts in Spanish! Leave me a comment down below, and I will see you later!!! Bye!

LOVE YOU ALL(heart)_scaled_45

Espero que hayan disfrutado de un día conmigo y mis amigos !! Quiero saber si te ha gustado tenerlo en español ! Por favor, si desea suscribirse para ver más mensajes en español ! Deja un comentario abajo, y te veré más tarde !!! Adiós

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