What’s In Mexico #2 (Jocotepec and Chapala)

Hello Lovelies!!

Today I am bringing you another “What’s In Mexico”!! I am super excited to share this one! We went with some of our really good friends for an all day (and night) excursion to Chapala and Jococtepec. We definitely had a ton of fun!

We started the morning with an hour long drive to Jocotepec. If you ask me what we did for an hour in a 15 passenger van with 8 people, I will say two words. Selfies and Snapchat.  🙂

Jocotepec is a very beautiful place! It is so calm and peaceful. On this particular day it was raining! 20160627_124739We did not even care 🙂  And yes we were singing (of course), “Let it rain, Let it rain, Open the flood gates of heaven, And let it rain”.    🙂   Why wouldn’t we?


These chairs (and yes, they are chairs) are right in the middle of Jocotepec. They are shaped like a bunch of fish! As I said it was raining, so we really couldn’t walk up to the chairs without having to swim!!  🙂


This particular statue caught my eye about 2 miles away! Hello! The thing’s gigantic!  How could it not  🙂

Here is another one!

There is a beautiful pier, that looks out on the lake! It was gorgeous.

We also had a photographer with us! He got some AWESOME pictures!! Tomo fotos increibles!!  Special thanks to Angel Raul Reyes Martinez!  Un agradecimiento especial a Angel Raul Reyes Martinez!






On to Chapala!! On our way to Chapala, we passed a wall that was covered completely with a mural!  20160627_135954

When we got to Chapala it was about 2:00, so we had to eat!! Of course  🙂   So seafood it was!  20160627_142935Thanks to Elizabeth Montano for taking this picture 🙂  Gracias a Elizabeth Montano para tomar esta foto!

Chapala is a beautiful city!!  20160627_154402

There is also a boardwalk that goes out onto the lake. BEAUTIFUL!! 20160627_155456  You can also rent boats to ride around Lake Chapala!


And while at Chapala we of course had to take another selfie!!  FB_IMG_1467734614051

20160627_161500                                                                          CHAPALA!!!!!

Un gran agradecimiento a Karen y Emmanuel para nuestros regalos !! A big thank you to Karen and Emmanuel for our gifts!




We finished the day off with French fries and a milkshake at 10:00 at night!!!

Savannah and I had a wonderful time out with our friends, and I hope you guys had fun seeing my recap!! I love to be with my friends!! Me encanta estar con mis amigos!!

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Clothes {2 Outfit Ideas}

Hello Friends!!!

I have been gone for so long! I have been EXTREMELY busy, and school is about to kill me 🙂   I am currently working on a couple of projects for y’all so stay tuned!

Since my last post I have now taken up teaching Sunday school! I absolutely love it, and I love to see kids learn about God! It has definitely been a challenge, but I LOVE it!! I said all of that to say this. Along with teaching, comes a lot of moving 🙂  I have put together one of my favorite outfits for teaching, along with one that is perfect for church!!

#1    2016-06-26_16.52.03    TOP: Stein Mart  SKIRT: Costco (Of all places) SHOES: (I don’t remember) WATCH:  Khols PURSE: Khols

I love this outfit for more reasons than one! It’s very comfortable, it’s cool, and very summery(If that’s a word).  🙂


#2 2016-06-26_16.54.26 TOP: Stein Mart (I love that store) SKIRT: surprise, surprise, Stein Mart  SHOES: Galeria Del  Calzado  PURSE: Khols

This outfit is one of my absolute favorites!! It combines all the elements of an outfit that I love! I wear this outfit a ton. #peopleareprobablytiredofmewearingit    🙂    The shoes are from our mall we have here in Guadalajara, that sell nothing but shoes!

I hope this gave you a little inspiration, and ideas for outfits!! I will see you soon, and in the meantime don’t die from school (If you’re in school), because it is sure killing me  🙂


Victoria  🙂


2 Frozen Treats Perfect for Summer

Hey guys!!!

Hope you had a great two weeks! Today  I’m sharing some AMAZING sweet treats that are unrealistically good!! And you must, must try them  🙂

I’m going to start things off with my Sprite and fruit Popsicle!! (I know you just saw that title and completely freaked out)  🙂  The recipe is super duper easy mode so here it is!!

#1  Sprite and Fruit Popsicles

  •  Diet Sprite
  •   Fruit of your choice (I chose strawberries and pineapple)

2016-05-30 17.43.55

I also use popsicle molds. These particular ones were bought at Bed Bath and Beyond.    2016-05-30 17.44.57

I started by pouring sprite in the molds to about 3/4 of the way.    2016-05-30 17.46.28

Next I placed two or three pieces of fruit in the molds, and you are DONE !! 2016-05-30 17.47.19    These will take about five hours to freeze.

#2 Watermelon and Strawberry Popsicles

  • Watermelon
  • Sliced Strawberries

I began by placing a cup or so of watermelon in a blender cup.  2016-05-30 17.49.15

I pureed it until it  became a juice like consistency.  2016-05-30 17.49.48

I then poured it into the mold. Once again stop when you get to about 3/4 of the way, that way it won’t overflow when you add the strawberries. 20160530_154837_Richtone(HDR)

And there you go!! Two healthy summer treats that are  SO GOOD!!!!!

I hope you guys give this a try and I’ll see you in a couple of days! Don’t forget to subscribe and to leave me a comment!!!

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What’s In Mexico #1 ( Santo Coyote)

Hello my friends!!!

I’m starting a new series!!! Yay 🙂 I will be posting either a post or video  on one place here in Mexico. Y’all will be able to see little bit of the culture, and be able to see how I live here 🙂

Today I am talking about a very, very, VERY, good restaurant 🙂 Of course I’m happy there’s food in this post!!  🙂  20150709_200512   I hope y’all enjoy the video! See you next week!!

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March Favorites

Hello, hello!

The vlog is on it’s way, but first let’s discuss March! Time has this weird way of flying by. Spring is here, and along with that comes my March favorites. So let us begin!!



20160406_132628   I am loving chocolate!! I have just a small piece every couple of days, and I love it. The orange kind has pieces of orange throughout the chocolate. It is HEAVENLY!!!









I am loving these products. The pink bottle is Bed Head by TIGI, After Party. It’s a smoothing cream you apply to the hair after it’s been curled, or before you braid it. It keeps the frizz down MAJORLY. It adds shine but it doesn’t feel greasy.  The next product is a Charcoal & Black Sugar Polishing face mask made by Freeman. It is amazing!! It helps exfoliate and moisturize your face. When I first used it, I noticed a huge difference!  Both of these products I purchased in the states. I got the cream at Ulta and the face mask at Wal-Mart.




Next up are these super adorable shirts! I LOVE these. The first coral pink top is beautiful. It is a tank top with lace detailing on the back. I love this for the spring and summer! It is awesome. I purchased this here in Mexico.2016-03-31 14.31.33  The second shirt is also one of my best friends!  🙂   I love this shirt because it is super thin and cool for the summer months, also that floral pattern is AMAZING!!!! I bought this shirt at  Jade Mackcenzie.



20160406_134109  I just have one favorite this month but it’s lovely! I used some of my Christmas money to pick this little thing up, and I LOVE it!! It’s perfect for the spring and summer months, and I think it’s beautiful!



As most of you know, I just got glasses. Thank Goodness I can see 🙂   I went to the states a couple of months back and knew I would be getting them shortly. I saw this glasses case and could not resist it. It is adorable! Eat. Sleep. Shop. REPEAT  🙂 I purchased it at Stein Mart.    I am also a huge fan of planners! I love to jot down everything I have to do that day so I can see it. I bought this particular one at Target. I get so much more done when I have everything written down. I love this one!




If you thought that shoes weren’t going to show up today, your mistaken 🙂   I’ll start with my mint green Sketchers. This shoe is one of my absolute best buddies. I work out in them, I play tennis in them, I do everything with them. They have memory foam in the bottom and it literally feels like your walking on clouds. As you can see they are well loved 🙂   I acquired these shoes a couple of months back and I love them! I have wanted a pair of Converse for quite awhile. I love the color and they go with anything. Just don’t wear them the first time in the airport while your running to meet a flight. They hurt. 🙂

Well I hope you enjoyed seeing my favorites this month, and I will see you next with the vlog! Be prepared 🙂

Victoria 🙂

My Daily Life (20 Things I Love About Living in Mexico)Part Two

Hello, Hello!!

I apologize for not getting this up sooner, but the nine week exam monster has struck me and I’ve been studying like crazy 🙂   I hope that y’all are having a great spring break!!  But let me stop chatting and start writing!!

So starting with number 11 ……


One of the many things I love here is the restaurants. When I go to the states, I can be there about three days, and I already want my Mexican food and restaurants. There is one particular restaurant called Karne Garibaldi. They are know for the fastest service in the world. They will take your order and bring the food in about 60 seconds. My family and I LOVE it!!  th[6]



I love my neighborhood! We’ve made a lot of friends, and the people are really sweet. One thing I find quite amusing, is that I can open my window in the morning and smell potatoes cooking 🙂  We have a beautiful club, and a gorgeous view of a mountain right at the end of our street. The Neighborhood is gated with guards, which makes us feel very safe. My sister and I can walk around the neighborhood by ourselves and not feel worried at all. IMG_20141210_095200925


#13 RAIN

Although I can’t take a picture of it, it is so pretty. When it rains here it doesn’t become humid or sticky. It’s cool and it always smells fresh and clean afterwards. Such an improvement from Texas 🙂



Although we don’t get to go that often we LOVE fishing! We live about three hours from the coast, and it’s beautiful. Once you get out about eighty miles, the water is bright blue. If you go near the coast, it’s so clear that you can see the fish swimming eight feet down.img_0239[1]


Okay…… I guess I could’ve included this in the food category but seriously?? If you don’t know what limonada is, it’s lemonade. BUT… here they put a little twist to it. You can order it with mineral water in it. It’s basically carbonated lemonade. Except it’s AMAZING!! I have never seen it in the states, so if you want it your going to have to come visit me 🙂  images[3]


This may seem weird, but the most streets here are cobblestone. I love the look it gives the city. It’s mostly in the little quaint parts of town, and in neighborhoods. Our streets in our subdivision are cobblestone as well. But if you don’t like being jolted half to death, you may not like it 🙂   20160226_173005



Here in Mexico, people love their plants. Flowers, ivy, everything to do with plants and trees they love. Therefore, I see a TON of plants and flowers everyday. They are gorgeous and people take really good care of them. These pictures were taken in my neighborhood.



One thing I love is going to birthday parties. Especially for the little kids. Here in Mexico they do things a little different. They actually have a song that they sing while they do the piñatas! One person can hit the piñata while the other people are singing the little jingle. When they stop singing it’s time for the next person. I find it funny, because there are a ton of parties going on in our neighborhood at all times. You can sit in my living room and hear that little song over and over again!  🙂


For me this topic is very important. When I moved here a year and three months ago, I was in culture shock. It wasn’t until I had lived here for about eight months until I started making friends and learning about the people. They are the most humble people you will ever meet. I know I mentioned this in part one, but they care about their families, and each other. When we started going to the store and around town by ourselves,  we were shocked at how many people spoke English. They were always helpful and willing to translate for us. They are sweet and kind until they get into their cars and start driving 🙂


Okay, I think I’m going to end this on the right track 🙂  Here in Guadalajara they have a shoe mall. Yes you are reading this correctly! A mall full of nothing but SHOES!! Since I’m the world’s biggest shoeaholic, you can imagine why I love it!  🙂  IMG_20141017_145157733


So I hope you enjoyed this mini series about some of the things I love about Mexico! I am going to be uploading a vlog pretty soon so be on the lookout for that! I’ll see you guys in a few days!

Victoria  🙂

Clothes (OOTD# All Striped and Floral)

Hey Everybody!

It’s been awhile since my last outfit post so here we go! I asked my sister to join me on this one since we were both sporting our Jade Mackenzie pieces. For those of you who don’t know about Jade Mackenzie, they are a clothing shop with some of the CUTEST modest clothing. They have a website as well as a store (by appointment only) located in Houston Tx. Here’s the link to the website, so go check it out! They are awesome 🙂  http://www.jademackenzie.com/

So I’ll start with my sister


She is wearing the striped skirt from Jade Mackenzie, paired with an orange jacket (she has had this jacket and purse for quite a while so I couldn’t find the link. The jacket was purchased at Kohls, and the purse was bought at Ross. My sister loves this skirt. You can dress it down with a denim jacket and a nice pop of color, or you can dress it up as we did!




For my outfit, I’m wearing the Jade Mackenzie Black Floral Skirt, the Jade Mackenzie Red Sasha Ruffle Sleeve Top, a black vest and a Kate Spade blush pink bag. For the shoes I’m wearing black suede bow heels. I think this look is very classy and elegant. The skirt is fully lined and the ruffle shirt fits awesome.

I hope you all have awesome week and I’ll  see you guys in a couple of days!!

Victoria 🙂