Mexico Life

Hello again,

For this post I thought I would talk a little bit more about Mexico and how it’s different than America. For the most part Guadalajara is a lot like America. We have five malls(like I said before). IMG_20141021_192409922_HDRThis is the galleria. My favorite mall is Andares. It is all open air.We love the restaurants here  because most of them are all open air. Weather here is AMAZING! Right now as I write this, it is 73 out, and there is a breeze blowing. Back to the restaurants , food here is a little different. Here the Mexican restaurants will not give you chips and salsa. I KNOW RIGHT! Your like what………:) They serve you tostadas and lime. We eat at different restaurants all the time. We have a little “hole in the wall” place that we like to eat at called Hectors. Our whole family can eat there for 14 dollars. And then we have P.F. Changs, and Cheesecake Factory.IMG_20141021_192418592  Which are VERY good. We  have one restaurant which is a must see for tourists. Sante Coyote is a Mexican/Indian restaurant.20150709_200512    20150709_200636  20150709_200605   20150211_213256 20150211_213249      20150709_203441  This bottom right picture is a traditional Mexican dish called molcajetes. It is shrimp, steak, chicken, cactus, onion, and cheese. You put all that in a tortilla, and it is the BOMB. Their dessert bar is huge!! You can also get crepes made for you.  So I’m going to address something that has surprised me. TACOS. They make tacos with 2 corn tortillas, chopped meat(not ground), onions, cilantro, and NO CHEESE. Yes you read that right. ZERO cheese. If you ask for cheese, they will bring you white cheese. Don’t ask me why:) But once I got used to the food, now I love it. So now that I have made myself hungry, I’m going to go and get a snack 🙂 On weekends our family will take little mini adventures to places we’ve never been. I hope to share that with y’all. My next post will be on something different than Mexico. Hope you all are having a great day.

Victoria 🙂

Welcome To My Life

20150426_212319 Hello Everyone! I’m going to start by talking about where I live, and what I do around here. Most of you are aware that I moved recently to Guadalajara, Mexico. I have now lived here for going on 9 months. IMG_20141231_141329993This particular photo was taken at our zoo. The mountains are basically what I see every day. I live in a nice neighborhood called Azeleas.  It is a gated community. I live in a two story house same as in the states. I have PLENTY of room for anyone who wants to come visit. It is a four bedroom house and SEVEN bathrooms. So when I say  there is room I mean it. Everybody who  visits can have their own bathroom :).  Our neighborhood has a clubhouse with a whole bunch of things to do. A pool, a gym, tennis courts, basketball courts, picnic areas, Ping-Pong tables, soccer fields, swing sets, and more. Right now we only have uno coche (one car). Our stuff from the states did not arrive for seven months. So needless to say the clubhouse has been a lifesaver. My days (right now) consist of going to the gym, school, cleaning, swimming, and all of that. Throughout my posts you will notice a couple of Spanish words! I have not learned Spanish all the way but I can understand a little bit. I figured,  why not throw in a couple words so you can learn them too! Other than the language barrier, living here is pretty normal. We shop at Cosco, Walmart, and Sams.  The malls here have stores like Forever 21, Zara, Sears, H+M, Best Buy and many others. We have at least four malls here. The number one thing I miss about food in the states is CHICK-FIL-A. ohhhh you all have to eat some for me. I’m practically dying:). We have Starbucks  and McDonalds, Burger King, Carl’s Jr., Krispy Kreme, and everything except CHICK-FIL-A. Any way, I hope you all have a great day. I miss you all very much!!! 

Victoria 🙂